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China skyline expanding training

May. 05, 2017

On the third week of April, China skyline carried out two days expanding.The aim is to strengthen the team-work spirit and improve good communication skills.

On the early morning of 23rd about an hour drive , everyone arrived the expansion base. With below 19 degree cold weather, we started outreach activities. 107 members were devided into 6 groups. According to the assignment of coach, slogan, the name of group all came up in ten minutes.

6 groups joined in *13 CARDS show in order* game. This game have three rounds, the first and second round teammates can convey information to each other no matter what way they use, but the third round no one can speak only gesture allowed. During the process, quite a few issues came up, different groups adopt different ways to finish this game. At last, only one group won this game. Later all groups were asked to make conclusion, by this game, the most important what can be learned is that communicating with others is indispensible for a team. 

At the end of the day,107 members were asked to climb 4.2 meters high wall without using tools,no speaking etc within 1 hour, failed over and over again. At last all members successfully climbed the wall with tears. During this game we gained not courage but learned mutual cooperation in the team.

There is no perfect man in the world, but perfect team exist. Two days expanding Practice exercised not only one’s potential but communication skills. Behind all games we participated in, the achievement were made by everyone of the group,lack of even one member, the game can not be finished even a small game. Like our company, is a team, a total, support and believe each other. Each work can not be finished by one only. Every little success is the result of everyone’s efforts.Try one’s best to do what he should do, then can do more for company,for team.

A team in the process of growth will encounter all sorts of problems and difficulties, no matter leaders or staff everyone does not guarantee its accuracy of 100%, So, only in the course of action to correct their mistakes, find better ways of working to make the team working towards the goal of perfect.

Everyone is growing up in a team all the time , and at school, and so is work. Through this field team outreach training, let me feel deeply about the team's consciousness and the role of the individual in the team. If the knowledge gained from the activity is used properly in the future, it is believed that the great team will be stronger and more perfect.

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